Eldia: Graphical user interface concept for elderly homes, Copenhagen

Based on the insights generated in the user research course, we were asked to create a concept with an application specific GUI for an eldercare context during Graphical User Interface class at Pilot Year, CIID. Looking at multiple user groups (patients, doctors, nurses and visitors) with their respective information needs represented an interesting basis to create highly tailored and relevant interfaces for a demanding target group. We developed, designed and prototyped tools/experiences that would have impact and show empathy towards the different user needs.

Eldia is a system for caretakers to help manage their time more efficiently and for the elderly to better express their needs.

Nowadays caretakers often work in stressful environment. They have to take care of the elderly without time for a break. When an elderly person needs help or have any other requests they pull a string on the wall. A caretaker receives the message but they don’t know what type of the request it is and how important it might be. This messaging system requires a lot of improvement and we decided that helping the caretakers is helping the elderly.

The Eldia system is a network of two types of devices. One handheld device for the caretakers and another slightly bigger one for the elderly. The caretaker device receives requests from the elderly and other caretakers, ordering them by time and priority. It also enables caretakers to check their schedule and take short breaks. The device for the elderly is an icon-based interface for making requests (e.g emergency help, food, phone call).

Faculty: Niels Clausen Stuck, Alexander Wiethoff
Co-students: Marcin Ignac, Yu-Min Chen (Yves)