BUTT is designed to get us all to experience what most of us need to do no matter what at least once a day in a different way, the natural way, by using water. BUTT is the cleaner way and the better way for you and for the world. BUTT is helping saving massive amounts of trees being used for toilet paper. It could easily create serious problems, not only for the butts of the world but also for the trees on the planet.

Going to the loo has become a rather rushed and un-poetic procedure when it should be relaxing and enjoyable experience, where time is spent thinking, de-stressing or what ever you want to do alone. Going to loo should be an enjoyful experience, which should not be rushed. BUTT should be part of everyone's day. With butt you know you are doing it the cleaner, healthier way which is better for environment and better for your butt.

BUTT is a modular shelving system made out of recycled teak wood with linseed oil finish. As part of the BUTT experience - incense, candles are provided for relaxing and pleasant experience. Simple but beautiful jug design provides comfort while using water. Well crafted toilet brush and holder makes cleaning beautiful rather then ugly hidden objects. Organic cotton towels and rose water make entire experience refreshing and complete.

In the BUTT project, I was responsible for design development, design details, prototypes and final production.

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