Fire Station, Ahmedabad

Final year design project, 2002
School of Architecture, CEPT University

From last 10 years Ahmedabad is going under tremendous stage of development. With the same pace of development, it has been going through some of the worst natural disasters and accidents. One of the latest is a riot in 2002. As it is getting toward a status of metro city, need of infrastructure for safety is increasing day by day, where fire is one of the worst nightmares for the city. Thus, fire-fighting system for such a city demands to be most effective, well networked and well equipped.

This project will offer such a well equipped and effective fire station (fire fighting system) in terms of its workability within a selected urban block.

Emphasis and issues of the project:
A well-equipped, effective and hi-tech fire fighting system for an urban block.
The fire station should supplement advance technology of twentieth century, as it is a machine to fight against disaster.
Location of such should make batter network and serviceability for an urban block.
As an institution, it should generate its position within a city as a true civic place.
The place should create a living environment for fire fighters and generate interaction with society, which would lead to batter social position for fire employers.
The place should generate activities to create awareness for safety.

Site characters:
Location of site is situated on one of the highly occupied and busy 132 ft ring road.
Site is selected to serve highly dance and populated residential and commercial area.
Looking towards future, site location would become real important land within urban block, and would serve batter as a civic institution.

Faculty: Leo Parreira, Kiran Pandya, Neelkanth Chhaya, B.V. Doshi, Rajiv Katpalia