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Experience Design Lab (India) was founded by Niels Peter Flint, Sustainable Vision Designer and Architect from Denmark. EXDL-India was started as a small design studio with team of architects, industrial and product designers and administrators, in Ahmedabad. Later EXDL showroom and a design studio was opened in Goa, where all products by EXDL were kept for display.
I have been part of EXDL for three years since 2004, as a designer and a researcher. At EXDL, I worked as a multitask designer in different teams on projects such as sustainable city concepts, furniture design, eco-house and research and product design from various natural materials.

EXDL - Niels Peter Flint

EXDL was formed to be a frame work, a structure or a platform for new radical sustainable “rethinking” lifestyle and design projects – projects for prosperity and excitingsustainable lives of the future.
Design has become more and more a commodity for making even more profits by filling the world with even more superfluous and meaningless products. In EXDL we try to find the roots again. the roots in the gardens - the ones that make the garden beautiful but also function.
The future will demand a much more refined and holistic approach to satisfy the consumers needs for meaningful products. Products of the future will to a larger and larger extent be sophisticated high tech solutions sometime in fusion with low tech solutions in what would be what we could call the Real Need Experience (RNE).

Dreams about a future - a sustainable future…

EXDL is also about dreaming – dreaming up a world which is radically different from the one we know today. Why you might ask? With the design-base we have we know that its possible to live in totally different and exciting SUSTAINABLE ways. In EXDL we know and believe that western lifestyle as we know of today needs to change to a new and much more exotic, sexy, exciting, meaningful developed lifestyle – a lifestyle which also happens to be sustainable hence that the world wont survive if we continue our existing materialistic totally exaggerated lifestyle.

We need to radically change if we want humanity to survive, we need to build new gardens, where humans can thrive – and the good news is that the change to living in sustainable harmony will be far more exciting and engaging than the way we live today. The gardens will be exquisite fusions of what humans and the planet has developed until now.

The way EXDL operates we will not only show you how you can make profits from a prosperous sustainable future, we will also promise you that we will demonstrate how these new products will also help creating a new and more engaged lifestyle for not only customers but also employees etc. We will help you build the garden and we will train your gardeners to maintain and develop the garden and its products further.

Niels Peter Flint

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