Rural Business Hub, Relliance India

Reliance Industries, one of the largest companies in India, were preparing for the biggest network of business hubs for food, agricultural and other supplies across the country, 2007. Their aim was to create a network to connect smallest villages in rural India to the largest metro cities, exchanging daily supplies and amenities. Reliance Rural Retail Hub was a procurement and supply chain for food, milk, sugar, vegetables, agricultural products, medicines, fuel and other daily supply across.

Together with EDC, 72by3 architects were given a challenge to propose planning and designing for Rural Business Hub Model for 1600 replicas across India. EDC was responsible for strategic master planning and 72by3 was responsible for all architectural design and construction details.

EDC - Environmental Design Consultant
Akshay Bhargav & Mansee Bal- landscape architect / Development Strategist
72by3 architects
Ujjval Panchal, Sanal Thathapuzha, Parag Mistry and Sejas Mistry