Italics 15

“Italics 15” is a modular furniture concept for workstations. It is a shift from the conventional four legged orthogonal furniture. “Italics” has no separation between usable surfaces and structure. Each surface is a structural element and every structural element is a usable surface.

The idea developed as an exploration in folded plate geometry, which is cursive and folded. Also the inclination (15°) is intentional to increase ergonomic comforts. The idea of modular and versatile workstation is carried forward as a basic frame and components. The frame provides supporting structure, where each component gets attached according to the requirements. A great variety of attachments can be developed for different uses, yet can be accommodated in the same format.

Laser cut aluminum plates and machine bending allows the idea of folded and continuous furniture without complex joinery. Light weight aluminum allows thicker plate sections increasing stiffness. Various materials such as acrylic, plastic or wood can also be used for the components.

Italics 15 is inspired by previous experiments such as SQW chair and Origami chair.