The Worldby project is about making us all dream about “the new world”. Worldby is a concept of a new city where every thing is in balance with nature, a sustainable living habitat. It is a living structure for finding new ways of sustainable life style. We are in the process of having to redesign our world and we all want better living conditions so we have to find innovative ways of doing this. We need to protect nature but we need more space to live also. We cannot continue to munch all available free pieces of land. With global warming we will get even less landmass so therefore lets use our creative skills and develop new concepts for how to live in structures we build on top of nature – or maybe floats on water. In Worldby, nature is given equal opportunities space to thrive, since we would not be here, if nature is not here.

Micro house is a new possibility of giving us all better and more efficient living habitat. Using less space to live reduces not only built space but also energy and material consumptions. By using renewable resources and sharing resources at communal level, we can save a lot. Worldby is about a world where everything is a resource – waste is a forgotten word and everything cycles around forever. Worldby is a world where its understood and accepted that everything is eternal. Everything comes from the planet – everything eventually goes back one way or another.

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