Every human on this planet needs to rest and relax, and rocking in a cradle or chair has always been considered extremely relaxing. So the heart of our ROX collection lies in a piece of furniture we have designed - the Rocker. The EXDL Rocker is a very simple piece of furniture based on a very simple concept, ROX = ROck and relaX.

Our ROX collection is designed to cure you of this dangerous disease and at the same time give you a fun, beautiful wholly natural piece of furniture that will transform any space you keep it in. ROX is developed for ultimate, abandoned rest, like a baby in the cradle. Lie down and start a minimal motion, and you will soon be rocking yourself to sleep.

The cane and Bhindi rope used in making the rocker are 100% sustainable eco-friendly products. The cotton fabric and fibre used in the ROX cushion is organically grown cotton, either laboratory tested or certified chemical free. The ROX Outdoor Rocker has its cane frame coated with linseed oil to protect it. The ROX Indoor Rocker has the outer surface of the cane frame burned to give it a matte black finish. The ROX Cushion has been specifically designed to match the shape of the surf-board of the Rocker. This is made in a black and white design in organic sun-bleached, herbal dyed cotton.

At EXDL, I was responsible for material research, drawings, design development, prototyping and final design and production of ROX collection. Final ROX products were manufactured by A Cube Inc. (Anuj Ambalal & Anand Ambalal).

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